Board of Directors

Meet the Board of Directors

Meet the people who ensure governance and help Livanta succeed.

Number of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of 13 Directors but shall consist of no more than 20 Directors, appointed by the majority of Members of Livanta LLC.

What is the length of appointment and cap on service?

A Director shall serve for a term of three years and until the successor of such Director is appointed or until the death, resignation, expulsion, removal or disqualification of such Director. There is a six-year cap on consecutive years of service on the Board of Directors. The Board may exempt an amount of members from the six-year term limit provided it is done in conformance with the BFCC solicitation and contract. No Director may exceed nine consecutive years of Board service. This requirement excludes ex-officio members of the Board. Identification of Directors not subject to the six-year term limit and identification as an ex-officio member shall be made by the Members.

When are appointments made?

The original Board of Directors was appointed in 2014 for a three-year term. New appointments occur on a regular basis as terms end or whenever vacancies occur.

What are the qualifications for board members?

At least one board member must be a representative of providers of care and at least one must be a consumer representative. Typically, Livanta’s board members are selected from the fields of health care, education, and management for their expertise and ability to recognize health care trends and innovations and for their willingness to assist Livanta in its corporate and health care contracting objectives.
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