The CaseLife Philosophy

Historically, delivering new software that supports human service programs has typically taken many years to implement, at a great cost to taxpayers, and has provided limited value to those performing the work. We have lived with solutions that over promise and under deliver for decades, with workers waiting for a solution which allows human services to be delivered faster, with more flexibility, and at a lower cost. CaseLife was created to address these challenges. CaseLife is a rapid deployment human services solutions that is highly responsive to the needs of case workers and clinicians, and lowers the cost of development and maintenance.
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At the core of CaseLife is a set of robust and reusable features which rapidly can be configured, customized and deployed for any human services program. CaseLife was developed using Agile methodology and is designed as a scalable and flexible system that can easily be configured to accept the business rules, requirements, and needs of any human services program. CaseLife will help human services programs improve program outcomes while lowering costs. It can be deployed within your infrastructure or in the cloud, right out of the box. Our platform-agnostic design approach allows CaseLife to readily integrate with external systems and legacy applications.

The CaseLife Model

Transforming Human Services

Integrating multiple human services programs is an enormous undertaking. Oftentimes, caseworkers coordinate many different services which are needed to provide critical support services to children, families and vulnerable adults in need. However, the management of services is often fragmented, and the idea of having one service-centric view of the people we serve, across all human services, is almost impossible to imagine.

CaseLife was developed to resolve these issues. It provides a single, web-based, centralized solution that offers case workers both family and person-centric view of government services. It enables the coordination of services in a way that more effectively serves families, and maximizes the opportunity for improved outcomes. CaseLife allows case workers to coordinate effectively those services between public aid, mental health, child welfare, developmental services, adult services, and more. With CaseLife, human services workers can now have a single solution that serves the needs of each human services program. This provides individual and family views for services being provided, helping to eliminate duplicate services and enable effective case planning.

Modular Function

Common functions include identity management, case framework, organization management, workflow and task management, service/provider management, document management, interagency communications, forms management, analytics, reporting, and user dashboards - just to name a few. Additionally, CaseLife contains an artificial intelligence layer designed to assist case workers. We deliver a fully functional and compliant solution in a fraction of the time compared to competitor solutions - months rather than years.


CaseLife has the following built-in accelerators:
  • Mobility – enabling workers in the field, whether they are connected or disconnected with the Internet
  • Portal Services – engaging the public as an integrated part of the human services process
  • Child Welfare Services – framework designed to support CCWIS and non-CCWIS models
  • Adult Protective Services – – framework designed to automate the APS program

CaseLife Key Capabilities

  • Point and click web user interface
  • Deployed on-premises, in a private cloud, and in the public cloud
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Secure
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